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It Takes Vision and Passion To Own a Recruiting Firm

Written on November 6th, 2012 by in Blog

If you are seriously considering the Staffing and Recruiting Profession, it is important to understand the importance of vision and passion. You must be passionate because you will have peoples’ lives in your hands, which is a tremendous responsibility. This is a sales profession with lots of rejection, which is why passion is so important in order to overcome any obstacles you confront.

On the other hand, there is no profession that is more rewarding. Job seekers will look to you for advice when making their next logical career move. Employers will view you as a trusted advisor when they are in need of hiring top talent. The impact you will have on the lives of the job seekers and success of your hiring authorities is hard to measure.

When I opened my recruiting firm over twenty-five years ago, I never imagined placing over 10,000 people in jobs. My vision continued to increase and became more ambitious as I realized what we were able to achieve.
Owning a Recruiting firm is your answer if you:

• Want to affect people’s lives
• Want no limit on your success
• Want no limit on your income
• Want to make a difference

If you answered yes to these four questions and want to create the lifestyle of your dreams there is not better profession than the Staffing and Recruiting Profession and there is no better time than now. Start by filling out the form on the upper right hand side of this page!!