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Written on October 30th, 2017 by in Blog

Holding yourself accountable can elevate the level of success you achieve. The following are six strategies to hold yourself accountable:

1. Write Down Ten Non-Negotiable Goals And Dated Action Items
You will only attain a higher level of success for your reasons – no one else’s!
• Set goals in all aspects of your life
• Include dated action items
• Post the goals where you can see them as you work your desk
• Highlight the action items as you achieve them

2. Determine Small Rewards And Consequences
• If you attain your goals, reward yourself – don’t just pay bills

• If you don’t attain goals, give something up
• Determine in advance and share with your team
• Add unattained goals to future months production

3. Track Your Stats And Ratios – All Rainmakers Do
• You can then focus on daily results you need to consistently hit or surpass goals

4. Consistently Increase Your Number of Send-Outs
• Your job is to get your candidates in front of hiring authorities every day
• Definition of Send-Out (Candidate in front of hiring authority (first interview))

5. Get Organized
• Clean out what is on, in and around your desk
• Prosperity is not attracted to disorganization

6. Conduct A Weekly Review
• What did you do right?
o Do more of those activities
• What wasted your time
o Stop doing those things immediately
• What new idea to implement next week?

Make a commitment today to implement the following strategies to improve your production and individual success.