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Written on December 11th, 2017 by in Blog

What really separates the average producer from the Big Biller? If I had to summarize the answer in one word, I would use the word, tenacity.

If you look up the word tenacity in a Thesaurus you would see the following words:
• Persistence
• Insistence
• Drive
• Determination
• Steadfastness
• Obstinacy
• Stubbornness
• Resolve
• Firmness

Do any of these words sound like you?

Isn’t that what it really takes? Too often we focus on how many people say yes to us each day, versus hearing enough no responses. If you are not hearing the word no every day of your life in this profession, you are not making enough contacts. Anyone in sales knows every no or rejection, is one step closer to closing a sale. You can’t take the rejection personally.

What Do Hiring Authorities Expect?

Written on December 10th, 2017 by in Blog


When I address audiences of hiring authorities, I’m always stunned by their concerns, issues and what they expect from us. It’s interesting to note, that if we were asked to write a list of what we expect from our clients, many of the same topics would be on our list.

1. Honesty
2. Improved communication | feedback
3. Treated as a priority
4. Results
5. Follow up after the hire
6. Promptly address problems
7. More consultative

They want us to be honest about the credentials of our candidates. To be honest about the candidate’s level of interest and they want us to be specific about our fees, pay rates, and about our guarantee.

How Do I Find Clients to Hire from My New Business?

Written on December 10th, 2017 by in Blog

There are many decisions you will make prior to determining which clients to target for your new business.  These decisions include the following:

  • Your area of specialization or niche
  • The segments you will represent;  direct, contract or temp
  • Local or numerous location targets
  • Level of position you will represent

You will then identify all the companies in a specific geographic area who employ the type of positions you plan to place.  You will review the employment pages on their website to see if there are postings for any positions you could fill.  You would then call in marketing a possible candidate or you will share your brand to show prospective clients why they should utilize your services as opposed to your competition.

Is This The Year You Become An Entrepreneur?

Written on December 4th, 2017 by in Blog

You have researched the Staffing and Recruiting Profession and obviously you want to become an entrepreneur. When I became a single parent and realized I would be the sole provider for my children, I realized a paycheck was not going to allow me to achieve my dreams. I needed to be in control of my own destiny and the only way to do that was to take the leap from paycheck to business ownership.

If you start now, within 90-120 days, you could also be in control of your income and destiny. There is a reason that most millionaires are entrepreneurs. Imagine the joy of paying your expenses first and then paying taxes? Envision the joy of making a difference in your life and the lives of the people you love. Visualize the joy of leaving your mark and supporting causes most important to you. That describes an entrepreneur.

Where do I find talent to fill positions?

Written on November 27th, 2017 by in Blog

It’s important to realize if talent was easy to find, there would be no need for the services we offer. When there are more opportunities than candidates, that is a lucrative and perfect scenario for the Staffing and Recruiting Profession.

We can present candidates who are not actively seeking employment, which makes our services so valuable to hiring authorities. Once you master the ability to recruit, you will build a network of top talent in your niche.

You will not only present the talent clients want to hire, you will be able to surface the talent faster than your competition. Most of the individuals we place in jobs are working, successful but would make a change for the right opportunity. Job satisfaction is currently at historic lows, which makes recruiting them very doable.

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