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What Clients Should You Represent?

Written on April 1st, 2013 by in Blog

It is important to identify 100% of the companies who could employ individuals in the niche you have selected. There will always be a much smaller number of great clients on that list. It is wise to start out interviewing candidates who will help you identify the most desirable companies. You will also learn inside information about their past employers, which helps you make an informed marketing presentation.

It is tempting to want to represent the largest employers. However, they often have more red tape and slower hiring processes. It is often the middle-market that can be the most lucrative. Before you contact a prospective employer, review the employment pages on their website, and in addition to reading the content on their website also read all PR and articles that have been printed about them.

Never “Short Change” Your Prep!

Written on March 25th, 2013 by in Blog

Once you send a candidate on an interview, you have information that can greatly assist other candidates you send to that same client. To obtain this information, you should use a debrief form so you obtain the same information from each candidate.

This then sets you up to conduct a prep prior to each interview. Your prep should have two parts. Part One takes fifteen minutes and involves you reviewing every function of the job and asking your candidate three questions:

1. Have you done this?
2. Please give a specific example of where you have done this?
3. Is this something you want to do in your next job?

Setup Your Business Like a Franchise!

Written on March 18th, 2013 by in Blog

There is a reason that the franchise model works. Whether you are a one person company working out of your home, or you intend to open multiple offices, it is important to set up a business that could be duplicated. You do not want to buy yourself a “job” but rather create a business that can continue to grow and afford you the lifestyle you want to live.

It is important to set up repeatable systems that prove effective. This will allow you to focus on best use of your time and prevent important details from falling through the cracks. It will also make it easier to eventually hire, if you make the decision to grow your business.

Get Great at Client Development!

Written on March 14th, 2013 by in Blog

Most Big Billers in our business are great at client development. It is very empowering for an owner of a business to know they are capable of developing relationships with the clients they want to represent. It is also easier to train someone on client development when you have first- hand experience in client development.

Throughout your career you will want to align yourself with all clients so they know you and your company in addition to the recruiter who handles their accounts. To create a recession proof business you need to identify 10 key accounts and 20 back-ups. When you accomplish that goal, it is important for you to upgrade this client base. You need to represent the companies that candidates want to work for in your niche, and those companies will continue to change throughout your entire career.

Never Interview For One Specific Job!

Written on February 25th, 2013 by in Blog

The interview is the foundation for your ability to successfully place someone in a new opportunity. It’s important that you gain an understanding of what must be there for this person to go through the trauma of a job change.

It’s important to never assume that what a person is currently doing or has done in the past is what they want to do now. It’s very tempting to have specific jobs, contracts or temp assignments in mind when you are conducting an interview. This will however slant the questions you ask and not reveal the priorities of this individual. A candidate can also sense that you are attempting to match their credentials with an opportunity you are currently representing.

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