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Can I work from home?

Written on August 21st, 2017 by in Blog

It is smart to keep your overhead as low as possible when you first open a new business.  Technology has made it very easy to interview someone over Skype and service both your candidates and clients from your home.

This does not work however if you are placing lower-level temporary jobs like light industrial temporary workers or office support.  In these instances, you will need to interview the candidates, often conduct a skills test and other types of assessments.  Most firms in these niche areas have offices which have become the expectation of both clients and candidates.  In addition, workmen’s comp costs are higher for these niche areas.

This business also has the lowest margins which is why we suggest you focus on higher level, higher margin contractors.  You can place one engineering contractor and make the same profit you are making on 12 light industrial temporary workers.

You can work from home and keep your overhead down if you place at higher levels.