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How Do I Overcome The FEAR Of Failure When Starting a Recruiting or Staffing Firm?

Written on June 24th, 2013 by in Blog

It’s important to realize that successful people have more failures. They try more so they fail more, but they view failure as an opportunity to learn.

FEAR can be defined as follows:

F – False

E – Events

A – Appearing

R – Real

Often the anxiety prior to making a decision is worse than making the decision, or the possible consequences of the decision. Opening your own business is a major life decision, but it also allows you to control your own future.

Once you master the Staffing and Recruiting profession, all you will ever need to succeed is a telephone and computer. Imagine the power of knowing you control your own destiny and future. You will no longer worry about mergers, cutbacks, lay-offs or working for someone else. There are also incredible tax advantages in being self-employed.

If you find yourself frozen with fear, write down issues that concern you and then write down possible solutions. If you force yourself to write things down, you take much of the emotion out of your decisions. Another method is to T-Square out your decisions. Write your options on the top of a letter T drawn on a page. List the pros and cons of each choice, no matter how trivial. When you take thoughts from your mind and put them on paper your decision will be clear.

If you decide to sign up for our Start Up Tutor, you also have us to coach and mentor you to avoid making the common mistakes made by most new owners. You have instant messaging, a support email and live access to Barb six times a month to answer questions most important to you. Hopefully, that will also reduce your level of fear.

Starting a new business can cause FEAR, but doing nothing and remaining the same is not necessarily the best option.