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I want to find jobs for the unemployed

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

The clients who utilize the services of a Staffing and Recruiting firm want us to present candidates who have skills, stability and experience. Often, they will not interview individuals who are not working.

When I first entered this profession, I almost failed because I was focused on the candidates who needed me most, but my clients would not hire them. I then realized that I needed to focus on attracting the candidates who did possess skills, stability and experience.

Most employers will not pay a placement fee or hire someone as a contractor if they don’t have work experience. This is why we also created a Career Portal for the candidates we won’t place in a job. The Career Portal allows us to help 100% of the candidates we attract.

Most organizations that focus on placing individuals who are unemployed, are non-profit organizations. It would be my recommendation that you focus on the candidates your clients will hire. When you own a profitable business, you can provide resources to candidates you won’t place and you can also donate to organizations that focus on helping the unemployed.