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I Want To Help Solve The High Unemployment

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

Most Staffing and Recruiting Firms place people who are working, make their next logical career move. Clients want to hire individuals who have the skills, experience and stability to hit the ground running. Finding talent the employers cannot attract on their own is the reason they are willing to pay high fees and margins to individuals in our profession. They want us to recruit the “hidden market” of top talent.

There may be instances where you will place someone who is not currently working or recently employed, but it will not represent the majority of the people you place in opportunities.

In our Start Up Tutor Program we offer a resource for individuals who are not working. This customized Career Portal will enable you to help 100% of the people who come to you for assistance, not just the 10% who will actually be placed in a new opportunity.