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Written on December 18th, 2017 by in Blog

There is a distinct difference between strategies and tactics.

TACTIC- A method or process used to achieve your short-term goals.
STRATEGY- A carefully defined and detailed plan to achieve a long-term goal that
is the position and impact you want to achieve in your market.

Successful entrepreneurs learn to strategically design and combine tactics with their long-term strategy in mind. They are continually asking themselves how many strategic objectives can be accomplished with each tactic that is implemented. The most effective owners in our profession have that rare combination of tactical and strategic abilities. Does your team think strategically or tactically?

Ask anyone of your sales team this question: “What are your strategic objectives when you are speaking to a prospect or client?”

They will almost always answer: “To write an order, contract or assignment.”

Follow this question up with: “What else do you want to achieve?”

You might be shocked when they answer: “Nothing, once I have the job order, contract or assignment.”

• Would you like to be trusted?
• Would you like to build brand loyalty?
• Would you like to obtain referrals?
• Would you like to be seen as an expert or trusted advisor?
• Would you like a strategy to sell around lower bids?
• Would you like to influence the decisions reached?
• Would you like to develop urgency for buying?
• Would you like to be perceived as a workforce, workplace expert?

If your sales team even just thought about these other objectives, how much more effective would their sales calls become? What if you as the owner, could create a way to accomplish all of these strategic objectives and do them every single time someone in your company was speaking to a prospect? Just think of how easy it would be to bury your competition.

Imagine that I invited you to one of my corporate speaking events. The audience is filled with perfect prospects for your business and I’ve given you the opportunity to speak to all of them at once. Are you ready to do that right now as the owner of your company? Could you walk up to the podium and present to every one of them without hesitation or mistakes? What would be the title of your presentation?

You might begin with: “Let me show you the five ways staffing services can benefit your company.”

This statement would appeal to those interested in your services today and those that would consider buying, which would be a small percentage.

Another approach could be: “Today, I will discuss the five ways you’re wasting money in operations and administration.”

All executives are interested in saving money in their costs. Certainly, CFO’s are interested and would stay to hear what you have to present. This is an education based selling approach.

Take a few minutes right now to think about who would be the perfect audience for your business. Too often, the client development people who work for your company have no idea who to target as prospects. They are not given direction because you have not conducted revenue modeling. Their marketing efforts are scattered and not planned to compliment your current client base.

Staffing and recruiting was, is and will always be a relationship business. Learning how to be a strategic owner will help your business form solid, long lasting, profitable relationships with your clients and candidates. If you want to experience growth and increased profits, think and plan like a strategist, but implement like a tactician who is determined, dedicated and disciplined.