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What Do Hiring Authorities Expect?

Written on January 15th, 2018 by in Blog


When I address audiences of hiring authorities, I’m always stunned by their concerns, issues and what they expect from us. It’s interesting to note, that if we were asked to write a list of what we expect from our clients, many of the same topics would be on our list.

1. Honesty
2. Improved communication | feedback
3. Treated as a priority
4. Results
5. Follow up after the hire
6. Promptly address problems
7. More consultative

They want us to be honest about the credentials of our candidates. To be honest about the candidate’s level of interest and they want us to be specific about our fees, pay rates, and about our guarantee.

They are convinced that we don’t listen to what we are told. They feel we have selective hearing that we send people they would never hire. They want to provide feedback, but they don’t want us to get defensive and force people on them. When they say no, they mean no and get tired of status calls.

Most hiring authorities feel we are very proactive when we want their business, but don’t treat them as a priority once we get their business. The only time they hear from us is if when we’re working on an active order, assignment or contract with them. If they are not hiring, we don’t communicate until we know we can make money off of them. They feel we view them as a source of income and not as one of our priorities.

We are judged on our ability to provide them with the best results in the fastest timeframe possible. They don’t feel that we continue to work for them after we submit the first few candidates. They don’t want to see the same candidates from us that they can get off the job boards. They want us to provide them with the passive candidates that they cannot access themselves.

If we cannot provide results, they want to know and would appreciate referrals or us identifying split partners who could fill their needs. They want to know we are actively recruiting on their behalf and not just providing them with the best person in our database.

They feel we don’t care about the performance of the person we placed especially after our guarantee period. Most employers are never contacted to ask about the performance level of the candidates placed. When they are employing long-term contractors, they want the dialog to continue. They feel they should be called at least quarterly for the first year to see how our candidates are performing.

This is the area that is brought up most. It is the perception of many hiring authorities that when a problem occurs, we disappear. Once we are informed about a problem, we don’t take action, we defend ourselves rather than focusing on a solution.

Clients view us as vendors. When I bring up the fact that we want to be their trusted advisor – they ask, “About what?” They don’t realize that you are a workforce | workplace expert and they can bounce ideas and issues off of you. You are speaking with other hiring authorities in their industry or niche daily and can provide great insight. They wish we were more consultative even when they are not currently hiring from us.

How Can You Truly Partner With Your Clients?
Review the expectations of clients and then customize your services to provide what it is that they expect.

• Let them know you intend to become their trusted advisor
• Stress your confidentiality if they want to use you as their sounding board
• Communicate before, during and after business
• Be at your best when problems occur
• Develop a strong follow up process

It’s time for us to develop an outside | in approach to business, where we see our services through the eyes of the people we serve. Survey your client and ask how you can improve. Take steps to change their perceptions. These revelations will help you provide a higher level of service, which will results in higher sales and profits.

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