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Who is most important, the clients or candidates?

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

The clients are the individuals who pay you your fees, or bill rates. You will form on-going relationships with them and basically need to identify thirty accounts in order to establish a profitable business.

Ten of your clients should be key accounts who hire multiple people from you on a consistent basis and call you first. These key accounts view you as a trusted advisor an there is a high level of rapport and trust.

The other twenty are your back-up clients who utilize you as well as other staffing and recruiting firms, hire multiple people in your niche each year and recognize you as a valued resource.

Candidates are also extremely important because your clients will judge you on your ability to surface the talent they will hire. In this candidate-driven market, it is the recruiter with the candidate who wins. Your goal is to become a lifetime agent for the direct candidates you represent. In the contract staffing business, your candidates are your greatest assets. They represent reoccurring revenue for your business.

The answer to the questions who is more important clients or candidates is both.