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What’s In A Name?

Written on January 14th, 2018 by in Blog

Learn the importance of choosing a great company name for your staffing and recruiting business.


Written on January 2nd, 2018 by in Blog

Your job is to book every candidate you submit (not two out of five or six). The following tips will help you book more interviews for your candidates:

You need to set things up when you initially take the job order, contract or assignment. Explain to your client that when you receive the feedback after the first interview, and you then know exactly the talent they want to hire. That is why their feedback is so vital. Remember to show them the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) to gain more detailed feedback. The follow up information enables you to key in on their priorities and possible changes they want on the specs of their order. You need their feedback to ensure you don’t waste their time and can improve the level of service and results they will experience.


Written on December 26th, 2017 by in Blog

There are many different types of ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) which help you work more effectively. This is not something you need to invest in before you have your business established.

The average cost of an ATS is under $100 per month for one or two users. Once you select your area of specialization and business model, then you are in a position to decide on the system most appropriate for your business.

The right ATS system will help you work more effectively and if utilized properly will increase your sales and profits.

Some systems have bells and whistles that you won’t use, but they will increase your cost. As part of the Start Up Tutor program, we will recommend the ATS that will be most effective for your business model and niche.


Written on December 18th, 2017 by in Blog

There is a distinct difference between strategies and tactics.

TACTIC- A method or process used to achieve your short-term goals.
STRATEGY- A carefully defined and detailed plan to achieve a long-term goal that
is the position and impact you want to achieve in your market.

Successful entrepreneurs learn to strategically design and combine tactics with their long-term strategy in mind. They are continually asking themselves how many strategic objectives can be accomplished with each tactic that is implemented. The most effective owners in our profession have that rare combination of tactical and strategic abilities. Does your team think strategically or tactically?


Written on December 11th, 2017 by in Blog

What really separates the average producer from the Big Biller? If I had to summarize the answer in one word, I would use the word, tenacity.

If you look up the word tenacity in a Thesaurus you would see the following words:
• Persistence
• Insistence
• Drive
• Determination
• Steadfastness
• Obstinacy
• Stubbornness
• Resolve
• Firmness

Do any of these words sound like you?

Isn’t that what it really takes? Too often we focus on how many people say yes to us each day, versus hearing enough no responses. If you are not hearing the word no every day of your life in this profession, you are not making enough contacts. Anyone in sales knows every no or rejection, is one step closer to closing a sale. You can’t take the rejection personally.

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