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Written on January 9th, 2017 by in Blog


When your normal existence has consisted of consistently obtaining a paycheck, starting your own business can be frightening.  But does that paycheck really represent security?

That’s not the case of thousands of people who lose their jobs annually to merges, cut backs, outdated skills or many other reasons.  The days of working for the same company for 30 years and retiring with a gold watch do not exist.

It is also interesting to note that when you are working for someone else, your pay taxes and then pay your bills.  When you work for yourself, you pay your bills first and then pay yourself.  That is a tremendous difference.


Written on December 20th, 2016 by in Blog

There are plenty of reasons to complain about the application process.  It can be stressful, time-consuming, discouraging, and awkward.  But one of the biggest issues respondents say they have with the process is the lack of trust and communication between job seekers and the recruiter requesting the information.

If a candidate suggests you use his/her LinkedIn Profile that is an acceptable first step as you begin to establish trust and rapport.  We only place 5% of the candidates we attract and the other 95% often have a negative experience which they share on social media.

We provide a career portal that can help the 95% of candidates you don’t place because you want to provide a positive candidates experience for 100% of the candidates you attract.  If you want to obtain more information on this resource you can go to www.happycandidates.com.


Written on December 9th, 2016 by in Blog

It’s easy to get an active candidate interested in your opening. Getting a top-performing passive candidate equally as excited is called recruiting.  It starts with a go-slow process looking for non-monetary motivators.  Your goal is to improve what a candidate would change about their current or most recent job if they were their boss.   Sometimes you can’t find the answer and sometimes you need to present several options.  However, when you do find a great match, you’ll quickly notice how interested the former passive candidate has just become.

It’s certainly appropriate for a passive candidate to opt-out of the recruiting process if the job does not offer a true career move.  Unfortunately, too many great candidates opt-out making short-term or superficial decisions with inadequate facts.  Great recruiters know how to prevent this from happening. A good rule of thumb is to be persistent until both you and the person being recruited have all of the facts.  The person ultimately hired will thank you for your tenacity.  So will the hiring manager.

What Are Average Placement Fees?

Written on December 5th, 2016 by in Blog

On the direct contingency or retained search business, the average fees are 25-30% of the candidates first years’ salary.  If an individual accepted a full-time job paying $75,000, the fee would be 30% = $22,500, 25% = $18,500.

If you quoted 25% fees and only placed one person per month at an average salary of $75,000, you would generate $225,000 annually.

Most individuals who place direct contingency full-time candidates average two placements per month, which would generate $450,000 annually. You do not have to place that many candidates to generate a substantial income.

Aren’t There Too Many Recruiting Firms?

Written on November 29th, 2016 by in Blog

There is a tremendous shortage of top talent.  Current Staffing and Recruiting Firms are filling an average of one out of every six orders, due to a lack of identifying the most qualified candidate.

This one statistic proves there is more than enough business for new Staffing and Recruiting Firms.  You want to specialize in a niche where the demand is high and the supply of talent is low.  This is where you will make the most money.

The need for top talent and retention will continue to be the top two challenges for hiring authorities, which can help you attain your income and growth goals.  The Staffing and Recruiting Profession is growing consistently every year worldwide.

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