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Are You Making Smart Decisions?

Written on December 3rd, 2012 by in Blog

Your current bank account balance, home, education, possessions, health, and lifestyle are the result of the decisions you have made throughout your life. Decisions are at the heart of your level of success. Making wise decisions at critical moments will determine your future and can be difficult, confusing and even nerve racking.

It’s easy to let the fear of making the wrong decision or fear of judgment by others prevent you from making decisions, which are both a sure path to unhappiness. When you look your fears in the face you gain strength, courage and the confidence to turn your dreams into realities. It does not take much strength to decide what to do, but it requires great strength and tenacity to actually do those things.

Customer Service Versus Sales Calls

Written on November 28th, 2012 by in Blog

Recruiting is a sales profession, which insures a high level of rejection. If you are to reach your potential as a recruiter it is extremely important for you to realize that objections are actually buying signs, requests for more information.

If you are not taking three objections you are making customer service calls not sales calls. Once you master the skills of overcoming objections your personal success will escalate and so will your income.

Objections are buying signs; they are a request for more information. When you realize this reality, objections become less intimidating and easier to handle. There is only one type of objection you can’t overcome, and that is silence.

Be Great When Making Presentations!

Written on November 16th, 2012 by in Blog

Your job is to schedule send-outs, to do that you must be great at presenting existing opportunities to candidates and presenting candidates to your clients.

Effectively Present An Opportunity
The way you present the opportunity determines your candidate’s level of interest. Review the following presentations:

• “I’m not sure if this is an opportunity you want to consider, but I wanted to run it past you”

Now compare this with the following three presentations:

• “I have an opportunity I think fits the criteria you and I had discussed during our interview”

• “An opportunity just hit my desk that has your name written all over it. You were the first person I thought of and I could not wait to run this amazing opportunity by you”

It Takes Vision and Passion To Own a Recruiting Firm

Written on November 6th, 2012 by in Blog

If you are seriously considering the Staffing and Recruiting Profession, it is important to understand the importance of vision and passion. You must be passionate because you will have peoples’ lives in your hands, which is a tremendous responsibility. This is a sales profession with lots of rejection, which is why passion is so important in order to overcome any obstacles you confront.

On the other hand, there is no profession that is more rewarding. Job seekers will look to you for advice when making their next logical career move. Employers will view you as a trusted advisor when they are in need of hiring top talent. The impact you will have on the lives of the job seekers and success of your hiring authorities is hard to measure.

Pick Up The Phone!

Written on October 22nd, 2012 by in Blog

As you read this article, take a moment and tune into the sounds of your daily routine. Is your day filled with the hubbub of lively conversation, or do you spend most of your day sending emails?

If your office sounds more like a typing pool than a trading floor, it might indicate an over-reliance on email. I’ve noticed that many individuals in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession prefer to email, instead of actually speaking to their clients and candidates.

Here are nine reasons why that’s a bad idea:

1. You can’t build relationships by email. Imagine if you only emailed your friends and family instead of calling them. How strong do you suppose your personal relationship would be? The same applies to your business relationships.

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