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I Want To Help Solve The High Unemployment

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

Most Staffing and Recruiting Firms place people who are working, make their next logical career move. Clients want to hire individuals who have the skills, experience and stability to hit the ground running. Finding talent the employers cannot attract on their own is the reason they are willing to pay high fees and margins to individuals in our profession. They want us to recruit the “hidden market” of top talent.

There may be instances where you will place someone who is not currently working or recently employed, but it will not represent the majority of the people you place in opportunities.

In our Start Up Tutor Program we offer a resource for individuals who are not working. This customized Career Portal will enable you to help 100% of the people who come to you for assistance, not just the 10% who will actually be placed in a new opportunity.

I want to find jobs for the unemployed

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

The clients who utilize the services of a Staffing and Recruiting firm want us to present candidates who have skills, stability and experience. Often, they will not interview individuals who are not working.

When I first entered this profession, I almost failed because I was focused on the candidates who needed me most, but my clients would not hire them. I then realized that I needed to focus on attracting the candidates who did possess skills, stability and experience.

Most employers will not pay a placement fee or hire someone as a contractor if they don’t have work experience. This is why we also created a Career Portal for the candidates we won’t place in a job. The Career Portal allows us to help 100% of the candidates we attract.

What is a VMS? (Vendor Management System)

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

This business model refers to a provider that handles order distribution or candidate selection for an employer.

Bottom Line: The VMS works between the client and Staffing and Recruiting firms. This eliminates direct contact with hiring authorities for the Staffing and Recruiting firm and if someone is hired, the VMS company is paid a percentage of the fee or margin (average 2-3%).

Many larger companies are utilizing a VMS and as a result, some Staffing and Recruiting firms have gone into the VMS business. The typical VMS system includes contingent worker sourcing, billing applications, supplier profiling, order creation and distribution, candidate submissions, on and off boarding, time and expense keeping and reporting.

Outlook for the Staffing Profession is bright

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

The services offered by the Staffing and Recruiting Profession are needed more in the current job market than ever before. Baby boomers are retiring at a rate of one every six seconds according to AARP and there is global competition for top talent. There are many professions for example: Engineers – will be dramatically impacted by so many of their current employees retiring.

Employers are also looking for a flexible work force which includes temp and contract workers which is also driving great growth for our profession. Employers are realizing if they don’t hire a flexible workforce, they are probably overstaffed. The baby boomers who are retiring and don’t want to work full-time make excellent contractors.

Where do I find talent to fill positions?

Written on July 31st, 2015 by in Blog

It’s important to realize if talent was easy to find, there would be no need for the services we offer. When there are more opportunities than candidates, that is a lucrative and perfect scenario for the Staffing and Recruiting Profession.

We can present candidates who are not actively seeking employment, which makes our services so valuable to hiring authorities. Once you master the ability to recruit, you will build a network of top talent in your niche.

You will not only present the talent clients want to hire, you will be able to surface the talent faster than your competition. Most of the individuals we place in jobs are working, successful but would make a change for the right opportunity. Job satisfaction is currently at historic lows, which makes recruiting them very doable.

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